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By on Jan 29, 2010 in Featured, How-to, Ubuntu | 11 comments

IceCat is a GPL version of Mozilla Firefox. Which means it’s totally free and does not have the non-free Firefox art work. Another reason to have IceCat on your machine is because you can have another browser to open side by side Firefox which has the same features as that of Firefox. You can install IceCat on your Karmic machine using the following command:...

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By on Jan 24, 2010 in Featured, How-to, Ubuntu | 18 comments

Did you feel a need for alarm clock on your Ubuntu machine? Well most of us don’t need it however, if you are just too geeky to use your laptop or computer to have an alarm clock that wakes you up, then you can have one. This alarm clock is called as alarm clock. Alarm Clock project is a simple alarm clock software for the GNOME desktop. You can schedule your...

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By on Jan 21, 2010 in Featured, Ubuntu | 37 comments

Ubuntu is my favorite Linux distro and is probably the most popular out there. It’s powerful at the same time customizable. Having a large community support Ubuntu enjoys the love from artists and designers.¬† Following is a collection of 35 hand picked Ubuntu wallpapers. Hope you like’em. fibermarupok snn-engn ¬†kodein ttk1opc monkeymagico ¬†lukeroberts...

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